Ron Boots & Gert Emmens - A night at Blackrock Station



releasedate: 2021, June 4th


1. Flock of swallows                 15:49
2. A woman on the platform       5:45
3. 02:17 AM                            17:30
4. The night train didn't stop     10:51
5. A night at Blackrock Station  11:57

ordering: Groove Unlimited
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Composed, played and recorded by Ron Boots and Gert Emmens from January 2021 till May 2021 in their studio's in Best and Ede, Netherlands.

Mixed and mastered in May 2021 by Ron Boots.
Photos from Shutterstock.
Cover design by Gert Emmens.

Ron Boots: synths, sequence overdubs & additions, rhythm computer.
Gert Emmens: synths, basic sequences, drums & guitar (track 3), rhythm computer.