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Gert on Facebook
Gert Emmens Fans page on Facebook
hosted by Mike Ostrich from Progscape Radio
founded by Mariusz Wojcik (Poland)
Gert on Myspace
Gert on Reverbnation
all video's related to Gert Emmens on Youtube


distributors, selling Gert's albums (amongst others)
Beyond Rock
from the Netherlands
the largest Dutch online shop
CD Services
from Scotland
from Poland
Groove Unlimited
from the Netherlands, Gert is contracted at Groove and releases his solo-albums there
Spheric Music
from Germany
SMD Music
from England
Syn-Phonic Music
from the USA. Progrock based, but also selling the albums of Gert Emmens and Gert Emmens and Ruud Heij


music miscellaneous
Musician/composer (tradional Electronic Music) from Utrecht, Netherlands, very much with an own, characteristic style
Artemi Pugachov
from Russia, great online encyclopedia on electronic music, many reviews

IO Pages
Dutch magazine on progrock and some Electronic Music as well

JvR modular synthesizers
Gert owns 3 JvR modulars and 3 JvR sequencers
Musik Zirkus
website dedicated to Electronic Music and prog, in German language

Prog Archives
progressive rock resource
Sonic Immersion
website of Bert Strolenberg, dedicated to Electronic Music
Synths and Sequences
website of Sylvain Lupari, with many reviews
Virtual synth museum
Ed Unitsky
Artist from Belarus, designed covers for several progrockacts,
designed the cover for the third Emmens &H eij album: Journey and for the Gert Emmens Project album: Memories