gert emmens and cadenced haven
April 2013

Cadenced Haven (CH) is the artist name of Laila Quraishi, a female keys player and singer from Bangladesh. Gert and Laila first met in October 2009, and soon started to collaborate. Devoted Loss, one of the tracks of the debut album Peregrination from CH, was the first track they composed together.

In January 2010, CH got signed at Groove Unlimited. Besides Devoted Loss there are two other collab compositions on CH''s debut album: Atmoshpere of Amalgamation and Conclusion. Gert mixed and mastered the album and played some keys on two other tracks.

After the release of Peregrination, Laila and Gert decided to go continue their collaboration, resulting in an album that was released in April 2011: Life in Cosmic Highway.

Both Gert Emmens as CH are involved in the music of CH''s mother Jasmin, a professional singer of Bangladesh.


gert emmens and cadenced haven - 2015





Cadenced Haven - Peregrination - 2010

Gert Emmens and Cadenced Haven - Life in Cosmic Highway - 2011

Gert Emmens and Cadenced Haven - Mystic Dawn - 2012